An open project


Transitland sources data from feeds with a wide variety of open licenses.

Users of Transitland APIs agree to the Transitland data and API terms and attributions for their use of data served from Transitland APIs.


Transitland is powered by an "open core" of open-source software. The transitland-lib library is at the core of Transitland version 2 and is released under a "dual license" model:

  • open-source for use by all under the GPLv3 license
  • also available under a flexible commercial license from Interline

The web app that powers this website and many other other components are also publicly available on GitHub.

Interline keeps private server configuration, database configuration, and back-end workflows that are particular to the deployments. Contact Interline for consulting services if you need support customizing a deployment of Transitland tooling.


Transitland is a registered trademark of Interline Technologies LLC.