Transitland Source Feeds

Transitland aggregates data from thousands of public GTFS, GTFS Realtime, GBFS, and MDS feeds. Use the following table to search through Transitland's feed records. Or browse Transitland operators, which group together related feeds for a richer experience. Or search feeds by one or more source URLs.

Onestop IDFormatLast FetchedLast ImportedFetch Errors
f-9q9-caltrainGTFS16 minutes ago8 days ago
f-9q9-bartGTFS21 minutes ago6 days ago
f-9q9-vtaGTFS1 hour ago15 days ago
f-9q9-actransitGTFS44 minutes ago2 months ago
f-dr5r-nyctsubwayGTFSless than a minute ago1 month ago
f-dr5r-mtanyctbusbrooklynGTFS43 minutes ago12 days ago
f-dr5r-mtanyctbusmanhattanGTFS1 hour ago12 days ago
f-dr5r-mtanyctbusstatenislandGTFS1 hour ago12 days ago
f-dr5x-mtanyctbusqueensGTFS21 minutes ago12 days ago
f-dr72-mtanyctbusbronxGTFS1 hour ago12 days ago
f-dr5r-path~nj~usGTFS1 hour ago9 days ago
f-9q8-samtransGTFS43 minutes ago21 days ago
f-dr5r7-nycdotsiferryGTFS1 hour ago1 month ago
f-9q8y-sfmtaGTFS21 minutes ago1 year ago
f-dnh-martaGTFS1 hour ago1 month ago
f-drk-cttransit~hartfordGTFS12 minutes ago1 month ago
f-c28-nstranslinkcaGTFSless than a minute ago1 day ago
f-9xj-rtdGTFS18 minutes ago13 hours ago
f-drt-mbtaGTFS1 hour ago1 day ago
f-9pp-humboldtcounty~ca~usGTFS1 hour ago24 days ago