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  • Current Static GTFS: http://api.511.org/transit/datafeeds?operator_id=RG
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response status code: 401
  • License URL: http://assets.511.org/pdf/nextgen/developers/511_Data_Agreement_Final.pdf
  • Use allowed without attribution: No
  • Share-alike optional: Yes
  • Commercial use allowed: Yes
  • Creating derived products allowed: Yes
  • Required attribution text: data provided by 511.org
  • Attribution instructions: MUST acknowledge the source of the Provided Data with the tag line "powered by 511.org," or "data provided by 511.org," or a variant approved in writing by MTC, and a link to http://www.511.org. The acknowledgement must be in visual proximity to the user's access to the Provided Data. If space allows, Registered Data Disseminators are encouraged to provide the MTC 511 + Design logo with the link to 511.org.

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