Feed details: f-dqc-stmarystransitsystem

Onestop ID
  • Current Static GTFS: https://github.com/mobilityequity/maryland-local-gtfs/raw/master/SM_GTFS.zip
Last Fetch
2022-01-25 (8 hours ago)
  • License URL: https://github.com/mobilityequity/maryland-local-gtfs/blob/master/README.md
  • Use allowed without attribution: No
  • Share-alike optional: Yes
  • Commercial use allowed: Yes
  • Creating derived products allowed: Yes
  • Attribution instructions: when using MTI data or software in projects, maps, etc.; you agree to acknowledge MTI as a data source (https://mti.umd.edu/).

Operator(s) Associated with this Feed

This feed is associated with the operator record with Onestop ID of o-dqc-stmarystransitsystem See this operator for more metadata related to this feed and to explore routes, stops, and other data imported from this feed.

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