Landkreis Landsberg (Lech)

Onestop ID
  • OREG direkt
  • Lyst-Reisen Stefan Lyding KG
Landkreis Landsberg (Lech) is an operator listed on the Transitland open data platform. Transitland sources data for this operator from 2 GTFS feeds. Landkreis Landsberg (Lech) provides transit services in the following locations: Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Heidelberg; Germany, Hessen; Germany, Bayern, Fürth; Germany, Bayern.

Source Feed(s)

Transitland fetches and imports data from one or more source feeds for each operator. Learn more about operators and source feeds in the Transitland documentation.

Source feed Onestop IDSource specAssociation typeMatched GTFS agency Links to view
GTFSAssociated Feed OREG direkt Feed Archived feed versions
GTFSAssociated Feed Lyst-Reisen Stefan Lyding KG Feed Archived feed versions

Operator Service