Turning off the Transitland v1 Datastore API

October, 31, 2023: We've now fully shut down the servers that respond to queries at https://transit.land/api/v1. Thank you to the many users who have migrated to using v2 APIs. For the handful who have yet to make the transition, we hope you'll read the following to learn more about the benefits of Transitland v2 APIs.

We announced the multi-step deprecation of the Transitland v1 API in a blog post in 2019. In the intervening years, we've been greatly expanding the functionality, speed, and data coverage of the new v2 APIs. We've been pointing existing and new Transitland developers to the v2 APIs — particularly the v2 REST API — for a few years.

The time has now come the Interline team to finally turn off the v1 Datastore API. On October 31, 2023 we are planning to shut down the systems that handle queries to URLs to all endpoints that begin in https://transit.land/api/v1

If you're in the subset of Transitland developers who continue to use the v1 APIs, please switch as soon as possible. We've emailed everyone with an API key that has queried the v1 APIs in the last 30 days to share this information. Most applications that used the v1 APIs should find the v2 REST API to be similar or better. The v2 REST API mixes together information from both static GTFS and GTFS Realtime feeds; it's highly performant; and we're about to announce some exciting new functionality that will only be available through the v2 endpoints. The same Transitland v1 API key will work with the v2 REST API.

For more information on how to migrate an application or script to the v2 REST API:

We appreciate having so many developers who've used the v1 APIs since 2015 to power such a wide range of applications and use-cases, and we look forward to fully focusing our efforts on further expanding v2 functionality and continuing its solid record of uptime and performance. Thanks to the developer-users been part of the Transitland platform over many years!