GTFS feed: Airport Valet Express

This is a GTFS feed with data for Airport Valet Express with the Onestop ID of f-9q5-airportvaletexpress~ca~us. Transitland has archived 7 versions of this feed, which are available to query by API and to download.
Onestop ID
  • Historic GTFS:
Last Fetch
  • Use allowed without attribution: Yes
  • Creating derived products allowed: Yes
Feed Info
  • feed_publisher_name: Trillium Solutions, Inc.
  • feed_publisher_url:
  • feed_lang: en
  • feed_version: UTC: 01-Jul-2020 21:08
  • feed_start_date: 2020-07-01
  • feed_end_date: 2020-08-01
  • feed_contact_email:
  • feed_contact_url:

Operator(s) Associated with this Feed

This feed is associated with the operator record with Onestop ID of o-9q5-airportvaletexpress See this operator for more metadata related to this feed and to explore routes, stops, and other data imported from this feed.

Archived Feed Versions